General Inquiries:
  • Query letters, essays, articles, proposals etc., should be addressed: FAO EDITOR
  • Submissions should be sent as attachments
  • We will read DOC and RTF documents only (No PDFs)
  • Please include details about yourself
Unsolicited Fiction Guidelines:
  • Kissed By Venus will consider unsolicited fiction
  • We are not interested in erotica at this time
  • Submissions should be sent as attachments
  • We will read DOC and RTF documents only (No PDFs)
  • Word Count: 1500 words or less
  • Please proofread your work
  • Include your contact details
  • Due to the number of submissions we receive, please allow up to a month for a reply
  • Submissions should be addressed: FAO Jane Hunter
Review Submission Guidelines:
  • Book reviews may be sent via email only
  • We will only consider reviews of published novels
  • We are only interested in reviews of lesbian fiction and poetry
  • We accept reviews for up-coming novels, anthologies, and current releases
  • Do not submit titles that have already been reviewed at KBV
  • Please include your details and the publication’s history
  • Reviews should be addressed: BOOK REVIEW/TITLE
Poetry Submission Guidelines:
  • Submissions may be sent via email: FAO Jennifer Harris
  • We accept 2-3 previously unpublished poems per submission
  • Please send each poem as an individual MS Word attachment, include your contact information at the top of each page
  • A cover letter is optional
  • No simultaneous submissions please
Books for Review:

We are interested in reading lesbian fiction of all genres whether recently published or in advance of publication, as released by a recognized trade publisher.

  • Queries should be addressed: FAO REVIEWS EDITOR
  • We only consider published novels
  • We only review lesbian fiction, poetry, and the occasional e-book
  • Please query at least two months before the book is due to be released
  • Please include: Title; Author; Publisher; Date; ISBN
  • We accept print and pdf copies
Magazine Submissions:

If you are interested in submitting work for consideration, please send an initial query marked FAO: EDITOR

All work must be submitted in the relevant submissions period stated below.

NOV 2011 : submissions must be in by October 9th
FEB 2012 : submissions must be in by January 8th
MAY 2012 : submissions must be in by April 8th
AUG 2012 : submissions must be in by July 8th


We are interested in black & white and colour illustrations for both our web site and for the Venus Magazine. Please address your queries to: FAO Martyn Rotherham.


All emails should be sent to: editor{AT}kissedbyvenus{DOT}ca

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