Lucy Jane Bledsoe Interview

Women explore new territory in Lucy Jane Bledsoe’s fiction.
In her latest novel, The Big Bang Symphony (University of Wisconsin, 2010), three women—a composer, a cook, and a scientist—work together in Antarctica where the extreme climate exposes people to each other and themselves. In an earlier novel, Working Parts (Seal, 1997), the frontier is [...]

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Emma Donoghue Interview

Accomplished is the word that comes to mind when thinking of Emma Donoghue.
At the age of twenty-five, she published her first novel, Stirfry (Hamish Hamilton, 1994), while working on a PhD in English at the University of Cambridge. Today, she has published five novels, three short-story collections, two plays, and two books of literary [...]

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Elaine Beale Interview

“I think one of the requisites for anyone who teaches creative writing should be that she actually writes herself. Otherwise, it’s not really possible to understand the challenges that face a writer. After all, it entails a lot more than mastering the various aspects of craft.”
Garnering a number of well-received reviews for her first [...]

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The Ali Liebegott Interview

Waitressing for far too long, finding dead pigeons and pennies, and using “real” life as fiction, author Ali Liebegott talks to fellow author, Nairne Holtz.
Ali Liebegott has published two books, both of which have won a Lambda Literary Award. Her first book, The Beautifully Worthless (Suspect Thoughts, 2005) is a road trip tale stitched together [...]

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