MIKAYA HEART: Traveller, Educator & Author
by Elaine Beale — 27 Sept, 2010
As an author and educator herself, Elaine Beale knows only too well how hard it is to balance her commitments to both her writing and teaching, and therefor probably has the perfect insight when it comes to interviewing fellow author, Mikaya Heart. Read More »

STEFANI DEOUL: TV Producer & Author
by Alexandra Wolfe — 30 Aug, 2010
Rehoboth area resident and long-time television producer Stefani Deoul (Dresden Files, Missing, Dead Zone) may be up in Canada producing the new television series Haven for the SyFy network, but she managed to find time to talk about her writing and new novel, The Carousel. Read More »

LUCY JANE BLEDSOE: Author & Explorer
by Nairne Holtz — 30 July, 2010
Author, Nairne Holtz, gets fellow author and explorer, Lucy Jane Bledsoe, to share some of her secrets about her latest novel, The Big Bang Symphony and what it was like living and working in Antarctica, researching her novel. Read More »

by Nairne Holtz — 30 June, 2010
Emma Donoghue has published five novels, three short-story collections, two plays, and two books of literary history, with another novel and a third work of literary history coming out this year. In addition to her prolific writing career, she is the co-parent of a six-year-old boy, and a two-year-old girl. Read More »

ELAINE BEALE: Author & Educator
by Alexandra Wolfe — 28 May, 2010
Garnering a number of well-received reviews for her first novel from Lambda Literary and the Boston Globe, not to mention being selected as one of only ten books to watch in March 2010 by none other than Oprah Magazine, you would have to say author, Elaine Beale, has definitely started her writing career with a winner. Read More »

ALI LIEBEGOTT: Artist & Author
by Nairne Holtz — 30 April, 2010
Waitressing for far too long, finding dead pigeons and pennies, and using “real” life as fiction, author Ali Liebegott talks to fellow author, Nairne Holtz. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 15 March, 2010
I’m delighted to see more writers tackling thrillers, which are coming to the fore more and more these days. And, in the vein of Baldwin & Alexiou, Amy Dawson Robertson has just embarked on writing a trilogy: the Rennie Vogel series. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 30 Oct, 2009
There’s nothing like sinking your teeth into a juicy interview, for a Halloween special, quite like talking to the writing team of Tam and Stark, especially when their first collaboration together is a paranormal romance, everafter! Read More »

J.E. KNOWLES: Writer
by Alexandra Wolfe — 1 Oct, 2009
It would have been nice to say I had to go all the way to Africa to interview J. E. Knowles, and talk to her about about her first publication, Arusha. Which, by the way, is set in Africa. Sadly, however, the question & answer interview was conducted via email. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 29 June, 2009
Lyn Taylor is a digital artist specializing in creating book cover artwork. And, just as you would expect from looking at her photo, she is funny, vivacious and has that bubbly personality of a go-getting Australian. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 1 June, 2009
From pianos to peanut butter, up and coming author, Bobbi D. Marolt, would love to win the power ball and come up big to write full time, and let me tell you, I wish she did. With two books under her belt, Bobbi took time out from finishing her third novel, The Virginal (and no it’s not what you think) to answer a few questions. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — May 1st, 2009
There are some people you meet, as is my case, via the internet for an interview, that you just wish you could have met in person, because you know here is someone who is downright funny. And Colette Moody is one of those people! If you don’t believe me, read our interview with her, and see for yourself. Tampon Manifesto? You bet! Read More »

CYNTHIA RODRIGUEZ: Artist & Activist
by Alexandra Wolfe — 30 Jan, 2009
Bouncy, bubbly, vivacious, these are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when describing the artist, Cynthia Rodriguez. She’s also very dedicated to her work and the causes she fights for, and would be first to tell you, I am sure, she likes to be outside the box. Find out more about Cyn! Read More »

RACHEL GREEN: Poet & Writer
by Alexandra Wolfe — 2 Jan, 2009
It wasn’t quite Earl Grey and biscuits when I wrote to Rachel and asked her if she would liked to be interviewed, but it was implicit. An understanding between two Brits. Shame really, I would loved to have actually sat down with Rachel, in the pub, and shared a few stories. As it is, she gamely took on my questions and offers us a brief insight into a small part of her life. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 28 Nov, 2008
It was a delight to ‘meet’ (as it were) the wonderfully bubbly Jennifer Harris, who has enough zest for life as to make me think she’s cracked the ‘secret’. Whether she has, or not, only you can find out by reading the interview she gave us this month. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 30 Oct, 2008
While I have yet to meet Anne in person, there is something almost reticent yet (if the two go together) exuberant about her, that comes across in her emails. And I know, here is a person who not only favours the quiet setting, but who understands silence and what it can mean, especially to a writer. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 10th October, 2008
What is not only amazing, but admirable, is that Susan Gabriel gave up a successful private practice to concentrate full-time on her writing. And in doing so, spend quality time with her characters and in telling and writing their stories, for us. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 22nd September, 2008
Hard at work teaching, while writing her second novel, and deep into promoting her first book, For The May Queen, author Kate Evans nonetheless found some time to squeeze in a quiet moment, with us, and answer a few questions about life, family, and how hard it is to write. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 11 July, 2008
When not sipping tea, eating scones, or discussing the life and writings of Jane Austen, Minneapolis-based writer and editor, Catherine Lundoff found the time to sit down with us (figuratively speaking, of course) and answer questions about what the writing-life means to her. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 20 June, 2008
There are not many story-telling partnerships that successfully make a go of it, especially when one partner of the dynamic writing duo is on one continent, and the other several time zones away on another. However, the writing team of Kim Baldwin, and relative newcomer Xenia Alexiou, have shown us that not only can they overcome these minor obstacles, but also write a ripping good yarn in the process. I for one look forward to reading more from this pairing. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 23 May, 2008
Montreal-based author, Nairne Holtz doesn’t confine herself to simply writing lesbian fiction, she tries to tell stories she hopes reach out across the spectrum, and talk to people on many levels. Indeed, Nairne has quite a unique voice as I discovered on reading THE SKIN BENEATH. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 9 May, 2008
There are some people you get to meet who are just a delight to chat with, as is the case with Tracey Richardson. No stranger to lesbian fiction, having had four previous works published by the now sadly defunct Naiad Press, Richardson is playing catch-up and in no uncertain terms, with the political romance: THE CANDIDATE. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 25 April, 2008
Lisa Girolami may be starting out in the business of writing lesbian fiction, but she is no stranger to writing. Having made the move from using crayons to majoring in the Fine Arts, Lisa then found herself putting her talents to good use at Disney and Universal Studios. Lucky for us, she decided to turn her creative talents back to writing. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 11 April, 2008
We didn’t take a transatlantic flight to go and interview Fletcher DeLancey at her home in Portugal, despite the fact everyone wanted to draw lots. And while we thought of sending out a carrier pigeon with the questions strapped to a leg, we finally settled on that new fangled convenience, the Internet. Here are her candid and in-depth answers, for your edification and enjoyment. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 20 March, 2008
The wonderfully eccentric character, Tess Camillo, takes time out from her amateur sleuthing just long enough to give us an interview over a stiff gin, or two. Check out what Tess had to say about life, love, and her author, the delightful Morgan Hunt. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 7 March, 2008
I have yet to meet the woman behind the books, but from what I’ve read of her work, I know Marianne K. Martin knows how to spin stories that not only have fully-developed characters and storylines that pull you in, but that contain an underlying theme that’s sure to resonate with her readers. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 25 February, 2008
Ruth Perkinson is relatively new to the publishing scene of lesbian fiction, but she’s a name you won’t soon forget. Her work is deeply moving, thought provoking, and touches you in a way most lesbian fiction fails to. With stories, characters, and situations that reach right out and punch a hole in your chest. Ruth Perkinson is a story-teller to watch, a star on the rise. Read More »

by Alexandra Wolfe — 12 February, 2008
Bett Norris states, in her own words: “I wrote my autobiography when I was eleven years old, on the back of a Liberty Insurance wall calendar. Not much has changed since then.” Indeed, I would beg to differ. Bett Norris is one of the most interesting, thoughtful, intelligent writers I’ve had the pleasure of talking to in a long time—even though it has been by e-mail. Bett Norris is, if you haven’t already discovered her, a very talented story-teller. Read More »

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