Here is how to keep in touch with us, and up to date with what’s happening on the web site.


There’s nothing like starting and or joining in on an on-going discussion here, in the comments. So why not let our authors know what you think. What’s more, we’ve even given you the option to tweet about a post with a handy, Tweet This button at the bottom of every post.


The easiest way to keep up to date with postings is to get an RSS Feed of our blog. It’s quite easy, all you need to do is click on link at the top lefthand side of the main page, where you see the tiny orange logo. You can then bookmark our feed page and read up what’s posted, when, in your own browser.


The other easy way to keep up to date about postings is through the Feedburner Services. Just fill out your email in the eNews & Updates section at the bottom of our main page to subscribe. Feedburner will send you an email every time a new post appears on the web site, for your convenience.


Another great way to hear what’s happening as it’s happening is to Follow us on Twitter.


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