Mission Statement

“We may not all write perfectly, but we do respect the art of writing and the power of the written word.”

We believe in publishing well-written essays, articles and polished prose. For our part, we do our best, we edit everything. We also argue about every inch of our web site because we care about the little details. And we are not above shamelessly emulating those who do it better than us by following their lead.

We are always trying to improve. That’s why we strive to do better. If you see something we’ve missed, tell us. If you think you can do better, then why not join us, or if just want to get better yourself, we’re here to listen.

We not only expect quality from ourselves and everyone we work with, but we hope you expect that from us as well.

We’re not doing anything groundbreaking here, and we know how often smart voices get lost in the overwhelming expanse of the web. So we’ve invited some of them here, to be found. If you’ve got something to say and think it matters to say it well, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Kissed By Venus!

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