» If you enter a contest sponsored by Kissed By Venus, it is your responsibility to check back to see who has won. And, if you are a winner, to provide accurate contact details so prizes may be mailed out in a timely manner. Those winners who miss the deadline could well find their prizes allocated to another contestant. So be sure to read and follow the rules, and check in regularly.

» We have left it up to each individual author/publisher to decide whether or not they limit any contest to Europe, North America (USA & Canada) or open it up to International participants. This is due in part to the authors/publishers having to pay postage costs, which can amount to more than the cost of a single book. So again, please read the rules carefully before entering.

» You can only enter each contest once. That is, only one entry per IP address per contest. And yes, we check. This is to stop scammers cheating in order to boost their chances of winning. Unfortunately, it happens. And while we cannot stop it completely, we do strongly suggest you play fair and by the rules. If you are caught out we can and will publish names and IP address for those found cheating.

» If you have any questions, please use the CONTACT FORM, thank you.