Blind Bet

Author: Tracey Richardson
Publisher: Bella Books, 2011
ISBN: 978-1594932113
Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Romance

Blind Bet, is Tracey Richardson’s most recent novel. A good read. A novel about modern women, dealing with the age old problems of relationships, fidelity, and the role that love plays in the quest for success and fulfilment. It’s also about what’s important, really important and not settling for a facsimile of happiness.

This is the second of Ms Richardson’s novels I’ve reviewed. I like her brand of romance. Neither fluffy nor edgy, they strike me as, just right. They are playful and sexy, not silly. I’ve had my problems with romance novels in the past few years, not being a fan of either vampires or werewolves may be a contributing factor. Although I expect escapism to a world of beautiful women who all have buns of steel and good jobs, I also expect characters that have a certain believability, not perfect in every way. Richardson’s characters aren’t perfect, close, but not perfect. That’s what works most for me.

Ellen Turcotte is a Professor of English going through a divorce, her sense of anger and betrayal will find resonance with many readers, it’s hard to pick up the pieces and move on, it’s hard to trust again. She’s a likable, attractive character, and a thinking sensitive woman. Her wife’s infidelity will lead her to question her sense of complacency.

Courtney Langford is a high-powered executive at Microsoft, a workaholic. When she misses a flight to Boston and, as a result, survives a plane crash, she realises that she has no life, where to start again? Life has to be about more that work. Courtney is an appealing soft butch.

While on vacation in Vancouver, they meet. Can a vacation romance survive beyond a vacation? Can you learn to trust again? This romance is well written, and intelligent. The erotic elements are very effective. All in all, this is an enjoyable romance and well worth your time.

Caroline Filler

Caroline is a Montreal bookseller. Her great love is reading. She claims no expertise as a reviewer other than being a life long avid reader.

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  • I’m not a huge romance fan for the reasons you mentioned but I’m going to give Blind Bet a try based on your review. Thanks.

    4, June 2011
  • Jane


    You cannot go wrong with Tracey’s work, Baxter, she is a good solid read!

    6, June 2011
  • [...] Blind Bet by Tracey Richardson was reviewed at Just About Write and Kissed By Venus. [...]

    8, June 2011
  • Caroline

    I’m hope you enjoy it. I’ve read and reviewed two, and I liked both, very much.

    9, June 2011

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