Edited by Sacchi Green
Publisher: Cleis Press
ISBN: 978-1-57344-651-8
Genre: Erotica
Rating: 4 stars

For the erotica enthusiast, this collection is a goldmine. A substantial book, it contains sixteen stories – something for every mood. Taking the loose theme of ‘cops’ it provides a multitude of sexual encounters featuring women in and out of uniform. These are women who are, at least outwardly, strong and competent, an intoxicating mix of authority and the need to find and know their place whether at work serving and protecting, or at home shedding their gear. I think one of the appeals of women in uniform is this juxtaposition of the strength needed for their chosen work, and the vulnerability that is any and every woman’s when she is laid bare.

The women in these stories are, of course, literally laid bare. What pleased me most about the short stories in this volume is the range of both action and emotion. They manage to strike a chord that is at once titillating and yet somehow ‘real’. There are stories of confident and fun encounters, ones that are tender and beautiful and ones that pull no punches that show the sometimes rough-edges of sexual need.

The writers’ voices are all strong and clear; these are polished pieces of writing. Showcasing a range of settings, characters and encounters, there really is a piece for every mood. A book ideal for dipping into, each story manages to walk the line between fantasy and the need to experience eroticism with all its attendant emotion. Every character has their own voice and preoccupations, they’re well rounded and appealing (in every way) and even though these stories are short, and focused on erotic encounters, I was impressed at the depth of feeling each of them managed to achieve.

From stories set in the urban and suburban worlds, they travel in every direction to Australian rain forests and small town America and Alaska. The setting in each one complements the story perfectly, providing a background and scenario that highlights the different women, their work and their erotic encounters.

For erotic stories that play on our fascination for women in uniforms, this anthology is a winner. Highly charged and explicit, the stories in this book still manage to portray women in all their complex, wonderful and human glory.