Author: Tracey Richardson
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 978-1594931338
Rating: 3.5-Stars
Genre: Romance

Presidential candidate Jane Kincaid-gorgeous, dynamic and extremely driven- is taking the country by storm, passionately outlining her blueprint for America. Voters quickly fall in love with her…and so, unwittingly, does Secret Service Agent Alexandria Warner.

Their mutual attraction begins to take on a fiery life of it’s own, and soon Jane fears that their intense feelings for each other are a tinder box that could destroy the landscape pf her career…and alter the history of the country.

Jane had always expected the road to the White House would exact a high personal toll.
She just never knew how high…until she’s forced to choose between her heart and her political destiny.

Tracey Richardson’s The Candidate is a winner in it’s genre, a very satisfying romance novel. The Democratic primary race for the American Presidency serves as the backdrop for this love story. If you have an interest in American politics, the place of women and of the GLBTQ community in politics, this novel has a little something extra for you. I’m not saying this is an issues novel, it’s not, it’s a romance but, it does bring up some of those questions, woven into the plot and provides a thoughtful reflection on what society expects and what people are willing to sacrifice for their career and for the greater good.

Mostly, it is what it should be, a tale of love: spontaneous and unplanned, an attraction so strong that both women are helpless to fight it. But, fight it they do. Where would the fun be without the tension and the fight? This love is not convenient or appropriate; it could even be potentially dangerous. But, when is love convenient?

The two main characters, Jane and Alex, are likeable and extremely attractive. Jane Kincaid is a Senator from Michigan attempting to become her party’s Presidential nominee. The Senator, who also happens to be a doctor, is a woman of character, stand up and principled. The kind of political candidate many of us would like to believe exists.

Alex was struck by the power in Jane’s stillness, and she felt the startling realization that it was as if destiny were at work. It felt like some sort of brush with greatness or royalty, being in Jane’s presence. Alex had seen it, felt it many times before with Jane. A word, a look, a touch, was often magical. She spoke from the heart. Always and she was attentive, thoughtful, she made people feel as if they were the most important person in the world in that single moment. It was truly a natural born gift.

Alex Warner is well, honestly, the dream butch. A Secret Service agent assigned to protect Jane during her campaign. Alex is brave, funny, modest and a former Olympic hockey player.

Agent Alex Warner stood as they approached the table. She was as tall as Jane, which was considerable at just under six feet. But, where Jane was slender and lithe, Alex was muscular, the poise and carriage of an athlete. They shook hands, each woman’s grip firm. Those river green eyes, flecks of gold in them, gave nothing away in their cool appraisal.

These women understand each other; their contrasts are in fact complimentary. Strong, independent women who don’t even realize they are lonely, much tension sexual and otherwise ensues.

A romance novel that delivers. Sexy and romantic. You’ll spend a few hours dreaming and smiling and imagining what could be.