Turn For Home

Author: Lara Zielinsky
Publisher: PD Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-933720-74-6
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Genre: Romance

This is the sequel to Turning Point, however, since I have not read Turning Point this review is based on this novel’s own merit.

Brenna Lanigan and Cassidy Hyland have fallen in love. Both women, however, have numerous changes to make in their lives before they can find a way to be in a full-blown relationship. Some struggles to contend with in this book deal with intimacy, children, exs, career, publicity, and major decision-making, all the ingredients for a good romance.

With her divorce proceeding, Brenna is upset by her two teenage sons’ cold shoulders toward her having any relationship with Cassidy. Although, Cassidy’s son Ryan, the five year old, eagerly accepts the two women together, this makes Thomas and James lack of support even more upsetting.

Once the women return to work from a holiday hiatus, they find precious moments of intimacy around the movie lot premises. They begin to discover their supportive crew that surrounds them with encouragement. The paparazzi begin to get curious at the changes being shown between them.

When their romance is suspected, the ‘lesbian’ label sets off Mitch Hyland. As Cassidy’s ex-husband, he plans to remove his son from being raised by a lesbian, by force if necessary.

Now, given the synopsis above I can tell you I wish there had been a bit more build up on the romance in the beginning of this book. Although it’s a great idea to have a reviewer desire to read the first book once she had read the second. Hopefully, this tells everyone the writing is good and the story line intriguing. I must now go out into the daylight, away from my sacred reviewer laptop software (MS Word) and purchase the first book Turning Point. That sneaky author Zielinsky! However, as the story picks up, early on you can see the two primary characters are still in the honeymoon stages of a growing romance.

Brenna, one of the primary characters, is still examining her new found overwhelming attraction toward Cassidy. She can’t seem to get Cassidy out of her head. And with her two teenager sons showing angst about the new relationship, Brenna is trying to develop a careful balance that will build up all of them together. She is a very strong character and knows her limitations with her family. I picture her much taller in my head. However, dealing with the new feelings and different circumstances of her love life she is up and down emotionally and physically on how to place her lover in her life. This indecision changes dramatically as things occur in the plot and Brenna finds her decision is easily made by the end of this book.

Cassidy, the new lover of Brenna, is a romantic lover and burgeoning friend for Brenna. She was in a horrible physical and mental abusive relationship in the past. Although, in this book she seems to be a very strong individual, she doesn’t show much of the scaring of the physical/mental abuse in the beginning. Her one repeated aspect of the new relationship is she wants to keep it on the down low. As a new reader I didn’t realize she was previously abused until the action picked up half way through the book. The character needed a tad more background added to let new readers know this info. As the threads weave, Cassidy has to survive many changes, one of which is her relationship changes that become public. She ends up being a bit vague and resistant.

The attraction between the two women is strongly there but I would have loved more build up. I can only assume these two were electric in book one. But this book has more of a ‘second year in the relationship’ feel to it, where Brenna and Cassidy already know the relationship is solid but how they move forward is a question only the two women can resolve. This is fine because we have more characters like the children and friends and family moving into the story. The secondary characters are well built and throw many pros and cons toward the primary characters relationships. Sometimes the effects are funny and sometimes they can be hurtful.

Zielinsky definitely has an art in crafting the story and its development. Once the action started I read it straight through. Wonderful flow and rhythm are built into the storyline, allowing the reader to gasp, and draw in a breath, and moan with excitement, fear, outrage, and laughter. I believe the author was definitely building toward the next sequel. Many aspects of the relationship were mentioned but only a few were resolved, albeit a few major resolutions.

Because the author wrote the book—including a much more intimate insight from Brenna’s thought processes for the majority—the ending just seemed a bit weak. I won’t spoil it for you but I didn’t understand Cassidy’s resistance to change. Perhaps the first book would explain it a bit more or, as I have mentioned, the character development for Cassidy should be more deeply examined to understand her abusive background. Not that this book didn’t show it tremendously in a physical way. If you have any aversion to women getting beaten up by abusive husbands NOTE: do not read this book.

The author was very descriptive and made me wince with empathy more than once. Zielinsky managed to write a step-by-broken-bone-step on how to beat the crap out of someone. I actually think there should have been something about this on the cover blurb. I guess the “by force if necessary” remark is the warning.

The characters are good, and the plot is thickened within the story, which is mostly serious with a touch of humor here and there. The cover art is a bit highbrow for me but I did note the spotlights for production and drama (very clever). The length of the story is a bit short but the pages are full and the font is excellent. My rating on this book is definitely 3.75 out of 5 (or a 7 of 10, however you want to look at it. Now, I really want to read the first book. Congratulations Lara.


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3 Responses to “Turn For Home”

  1. Lara Z Says:
    July 20th, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    Thank you for such a very in-depth review! This is wonderful. I’m so glad I was able to create a story that had you thinking so many things. Here’s buy links for the first book: http://www.lzfiction.net/pub.html#tp

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