Title: MILES TO GO, A Rennie Vogel Intrigue
Author: Amy Dawson Robertson
Publisher: Bella Books
ISBN: 978-1-59493-174-1
Rating: 3.5 stars
Genre: Action/Adventure

When one disaster after another befalls her, Rennie finds herself abandoned. Only then does she begin to unravel the misdirection and deceit that surrounds their first assignment, and to wonder if her failure, not her success, was part of the plan.

Rennie Vogel is a devoted FBI trainee specializing in counter terrorism. She has pushed aside all aspects of her personal life to focus on an opportunity to participate as a Special Forces operative team. Between the trial of fire competition of team members, the harsh political argument against women going into the front line, and the subtle tension of Rennie’s personal struggle to keep a firm reign on her growing needs and desires toward women, the author does a fantastic job of seizing the reader’s attention.

Rennie and her new team are assigned to Operation Black Fire where, through disastrous circumstance, Rennie is forced to make life and death decisions that will impact the success of the mission. Through a daring rescue of hostage Hannah Marcus, the two women have to make their way across treacherous land, through enemy territory, and survive any encounter thrown their way. With miles to go the two women find trusting the other is the only way to survive.

The main character development seems too quick. I wanted to savor the charismatic person Rennie is, but although she excels physically it seems she has been created with a bit of a jock mentality. Her personal background is quite brief and any family is not really mentioned or she seems too black and white at times. I liked her immediately but that could just be me and the wonderful “women in uniform” drool, drool attitude I try and suppress.

The sub-main character Hannah Marcus does get stronger as her situation changes from hostage to freedom. She seems to become more dynamic to the story as she translates documents and begins to understand she is nearing freedom. I still wished she would have been more detailed and had more background maybe over some of the things she had to endure to survive.

The plot is full of action, drama, ups, downs, and some relatively calm moments in time. Talking is more minimal than I thought it should be based on the relationships that seemed to form between the women. There were little stretches of tension that built up and exploded into action throughout the story. I didn’t really feel an overall build up to a climax of plot, however, there was a subtle tension building between the two women throughout.

Overall, the author provided an outstanding plot idea that gave an excellent read. I can see definite possibilities of future action by Rennie and hopefully some of the other female characters as well. The author could have gone back and visit the political characters and their agenda to thicken the story even more. I enjoyed the weaving and movement of the plot but it did make me wonder where I was heading. It was a fun pathway regardless. This could have been a much longer enjoyable read.

Go buy it and check it out!