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October 30, 2009 by Editor 

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We’re really excited to bring you our very special Halloween interview, were we talk with the co-conspirators of the exciting new paranormal romance, everafter, Trinity Tam and Nell Stark.

“Nell and I never expected our romantic partnership to evolve into a writing one. One day, I was sharing an idea with her and she strongly encouraged me to write it. When I pointed out that I had never written anything longer than a short story by myself, she offered to lend her novel writing experience and co-author with me.”

Find out what makes this pair of writers tick, on both a professional level as well as an emotional one.

This Halloween month also sees Jeanne Nicholas’ review of everafter, which garnered a 4-star rating and rightly so. To quote:

“Stark and Tam have managed to scare the bejesus out of me in their highly skilled effort to introduce Valentine and Alexa, two professional students, who are thrust into the forbidden realm of Vampires and Were’s. The violent act of Valentine’s turning and the progressive changes that take place, puts the bite in the creepy word Vampiric. Deeply in love the two struggles to find the balance between making love and controlling the changes taking place that allow Valentine to dominate her human partner in body and blood.”

Just her write-up had me wanting to sink my teeth into this one.

Other up and coming reviews this coming month, will include:


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