The Seduction Of Moxie

October 19, 2009 by Editor 

Author: Colette Moody
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books, 2009
ISBN 10: 1-60282-114-3
ISBN 13: 978-1-60282-114-9
Rating: 4 stars
Price: $16.95
Genre: Romance

When Hollywood-bound actress Violet London meets speakeasy singer Moxie Valette, her trip takes an unexpected turn toward love.

New York City, 1931: When wry Broadway actress Violet London and her hard-drinking cohorts venture into a speakeasy the night before she is to board a train for Hollywood, she is floored by sassy blond singer Moxie Valette. As Violet introduces Moxie to an assortment of bootleg liquor, cross-dressers, and sex shows, she vows to find a way to see her again. Moxie is fascinated by Violet in a thrilling and unfamiliar way, and the ensuing evening of bon mots, shameless flirtation, and illicit revelry is unlike anything she has ever experienced. 
From Manhattan to Los Angeles, both women’s lives are turned upside-down by separation, unscrupulous motion picture studio executives, self-serving agents, eccentric celebrities, and the collection of hedonistic reprobates that are their closest friends.

Well I’m satisfactorily smacking my lips after reading Colette Moody’s homage to a charming historical romance based in the wild 1930’s jaunt-de jour. What a fantastic book! Kudos to the author for her diligence with researching the history and lingo of 1930’s, adding whimsicality with the changes taking place in the sexual race of class and morality of that particular time period, and the superb burst out laughing hysterical repartee that was generated between the characters. Great romance, great plot, great cameo’s thrown in with happenstance, fantastic backdrops of New York and then Los Angeles, super sweet, sexy, fun, sensuality, and all based in the 1930’s where the author has wrapped the stars of the story around Hollywood’s crème de la crème.

This delicious book is 238 pages of entertainment between Violet London and Moxie Valette and all their twisted but lovable friends. A night out on the town right before Violet leaves sets the stage for Moxie to take in the more interesting lifestyle of eccentric, hedonistic, sexually capricious devil worshipers, although none of them have yet to mention Satan. The evening of debaucheries is an eye opener and her party is completely charismatic with the wit of a clever minx (Violet) filled with amorous intent.

A few very interesting exchanged letters leads to a lust filled romance and plenty of give and take in all the right areas. I truly appreciated the effort this author managed in taking my breath away once in a while with the blatant desire expressed between these two women.

“Violets voice was suddenly soft and raspy. “Then we take a cab back to the Garden, where I can spend a few hours making love to you.” Moxie replied “…I find it mildly infuriating that when I’m with you, you make sure that I can never have on dry underpants.”

And the conversation goes down from there…yes waaay down.

I guess I must point out the weak side of the book, it you want to really know. Why o why is Irene in this story. Lady Dulce could have been a chaperone!!! Also, for those of you who aren’t into cussing or have a weak constitution for crudity and offensive terminology such as gams, jugs, ass, cunt, snatch, penis, dick, or worse, I’d say read this for the enjoyment and just scan over the other 50%.

I was really wondering about the complete change of venue for the ending and I was a little bummed on that but since I love the characters I let that slide. All in all, I haven’t read a historical piece that rated quite this high since a fave author of the Gaslight Series began posting her work. Colette Moody has really entertained me and if I ever find me a dog named Clitty I’ll rub him all day, with laughter in my heart.

Great book! We want more. We want more.



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  1. Kathi on October 20th, 2009 6:17 am

    House of Clouds by KI Thompson is historical lesfc that takes place during the first year of the Civil War. If you enjoyed the above, you will also like HOC.

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