Stefani Deoul Interview

TV producer, turned author, Stefani Deoul talks to us about herself, and her writing

Rehoboth area resident and long-time television producer Stefani Deoul (Dresden Files, Missing, Dead Zone) may be up in Canada producing the new television series Haven for the SyFy network, but she’s also flying back and forth to the U.S. to promote her debut novel The Carousel, published by A&M Books (

First of all, Stefani, I wonder if you could just give us some background about yourself for our readers.

I was born in Brooklyn, grew up on Long Island in New York, and went to the University of Maryland to study film and right after graduating drove across the country to Los Angeles, California determined to “make movies”. I worked my way up to “producer” and realized while I love producing, I also needed to write.

Alexandra Wolfe

Alexandra is the founder, owner, and publishing editor of the Kissed By Venus web site and magazine.

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“Room” For Donoghue

Longlisted for the 2010 Man Booker Prize, Emma Donoghue’s latest novel is a compelling tale of five-year-old Jack and his mother, who live in a single small room. Their only contact with the outside world is through a mysterious figure known only as Old Nick. Emotionally intense, poignant yet funny, and superbly written, ROOM explores such issues as a child’s perception of reality, a mother’s desperate need for freedom, and the sometimes heartbreaking quest for normalcy.

This one has already gone on my wish list!

Alexandra Wolfe

Alexandra is the founder, owner, and publishing editor of the Kissed By Venus web site and magazine.

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All The Bold Days Of My Restless Life

Author: Sharon Stone
Publisher: Alyson Books
ISBN: 1-55583-908-8
Rated: 3 Stars
Genre: Humour

If you are already the head writer on a daytime drama called All the Bold Days of My Restless Life, can you say your life is just like a soap opera? That’s the question facing Bailey Connors, who two days before Christmas is dumped by her girlfriend; ordered to kill off the soap’s leading lady, Morgan Gable; and saddled with 22-year-old Lindsay Stubblefield, the daughter of a network executive, who has decided to become a writer so that she can get close to one of the show’s leading men.

Adding to the complications, Bailey’s best friend, Peter, has decided to play matchmaker. He sets Bailey up with a woman who hosts a late-night cable show called Mona’s Midnight Sexcapades, a second woman who has decided to give up men because her birth control keeps failing, and a third who turns out to be a very on-edge undercover vice cop.

When word of Morgan’s imminent departure from the show hits the press, the crank mail and death threats start pouring in. Seeing an opportunity to boost ratings, the network decides to air the death episode live. If Bailey can keep herself together long enough, she might pull off the triumph of her career. What she doesn’t know is that love is waiting on the other side in a very unexpected manner.

This book does have its comic moments, hence the three-star rating but is not a lesbian romance, or, in fact, a lesbian anything. I can’t say I fault the writing in this one, the author, Sharon Stone, has a nice easy flowing style and, on the whole, this is an easy read. It’s just that I don’t think I was prepared for the story nor, may I say, the characters to be so…well, soapy. I know, this is probably my fault as I am not a great fan of, nor do I watch any of the daytime soaps.

So how did I end up reading this book? Ah, well, that, my dear reader, is something we both may never know.

All that said, if you are a fan of watching the soaps and in the crazed frenzy you imagine goes on behind the making-of, and the running-of, a daily soap, then, by all means, this book will be both a delight and a charm. The humour is light and, at times, does sparkle. . .that is, if you like to see bubbles erupting from your mouth occasionally. Okay, so I’m teasing here.

Light, frothy, funny and, at times, a delight, but still…wasn’t my own personal cup of tea.


Alexandra Wolfe

Alexandra is the founder, owner, and publishing editor of the Kissed By Venus web site and magazine.

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It’s the 28th consecutive day over 80 degrees in Chicago. The most in 140 years. Everyone is hot, hot, hot. It’s funny to watch the reactions: those who are grouchy and worn down, sweat stains, the bits of sweat on the forehead, the constant glare. I feel exhilarated. I am a lizard. I love to bask in the heat. Let it fall over me, down to my toes. When I think of heat I think of my lover. My husband/hersband. What do you call a butch husband? I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Wife seems to take away one’s butch identity. I could be wrong but it doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t feel right. I am the wife and I don’t even like the term.

Jennifer Harris

Author of PINK! and resident Poetry Editor, Jennifer Harris, is an active literary organizer and served on the Board of Trustees for the Poetry Center of Chicago. She earned her MFA in Writing from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago.

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