Baldwin & Alexiou Interview

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I’m delighted with the responses we’ve been getting so far from writers to participating in our interview series, and am delighted to say we got two for the price of one this month.

There are not many story-telling partnerships that successfully make a go of it, especially when one partner of the dynamic writing duo is on one continent, and the other several time zones away on another. However, the writing team of Kim Baldwin and relative newcomer, Xenia Alexiou, have shown us that not only can they overcome these minor obstacles, but also write a ripping good yarn in the process.

I tell you, I for one am looking forward to reading more from this pairing if the samples I’ve read so far are anything to go by. Their first pairing, LETHAL AFFAIRS, will be out in July from Bold Strokes Books.

You can read the pair’s candid interview HERE!



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